SheepIt is a free distributed renderfarm for Blender. Try it now!


Instantly become a worker to help other users render.
550 machines are connected on average.


Free registration.
Free project adding.
Free rendering.


Manage your project easily on a web based admin panel.
Real time updates on your projects.
No need to have Blender to help render.

GPU supported

CPU and GPU are supported.

Latest news

Data loss

For the first time, we have bad news to announce. On January 12th, SheepIt's main server lost two of its four hard drives. As a result, all data stor...

Blender 2.80 beta available!

The Blender Foundation has released the 2.80 beta version of Blender, and it's available on SheepIt Renderfarm. It's not a stable version so be car...

80 million rendered frames!

We are very proud to announce that 80,000,000 frames have been rendered on SheepIt Renderfarm! Since everyone who is involved in SheepIt is doing...

Filmic blender support!

The "Filmic" color management has been asked for by a lot of users. Good news, you can now use it on SheepIt Renderfarm! Just select "Blender 2.79b F...